Originals and Covers from Then until Now.  

Tom has been playing and writing music since he was just a teen and enjoying every minute of it. His music covers the 60's ,70's and the present.

Tom's experience hosting Open Mikes has introduced a wide variety of influences on his musical style. He has jammed with raw beginners and seasoned veterans. 

Playing solo and with various other artists, he has raised over $40,000 in fundraisers and benefits. 
Fundraisers specializing in:
  • Solutions for Animals
  • Theater Preservation Group
  • Coalition for Human Care
  • The Literacy Council
  • Various School Fundraisers

  • Opening Ceremonies for US Kids Golf, Pinehurst
  • Farmers Markets
  • Spring Festivals
  • Corporate Events

  • Taverns
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes and Wine Bars
  • Internet Cafes
  • Private Events
  • Weddings